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Почетна страна Ставови SIOE England: The extraordinary rendition of Radovan Karadzic
SIOE England: The extraordinary rendition of Radovan Karadzic Штампа Ел. пошта
Написао Stephen Gash   
понедељак, 06 јул 2015 19:29

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by Stephen Gash | Posted by sioeengland on July 30, 2008

Radovan Karadzic was flown out of Serbia to the Netherlands today.

He faces trial at the International Court of the Hague.

If any body really believes Karadic will receive a fair trial in the Hague then they cannot have watched any of the reports in the Western mainstream media which have all but condemned him as guilty.

One thing that will not be allowed in Karadzic’s defence is the background to the events that caused the unravelling of Yugoslavia and resulting civil war.

Those supporting the European Union suggest that it has maintained peace in Europe for the past 50 years. The truth is the EU’s unilateral recognition of first Slovenia’s, then Croatia’s independence from Yugoslavia caused the civil war – right on the EU’s doorstep.

Meanwhile ethnic cleansing of Serbs is underway in Kosovo. The reward for muslims carrying out this illegal ethnic cleansing? Independence for Kosovo recognised by the EU, the UN and the USA.

The history of muslim oppression of Serbs during the Ottoman empire and the fear of the return of such persecution will not be allowed in Karadzic’s defence. The current persecution of Serbs in Kosovo as justification for that fear will not be allowed as evidence.

The existence of Bosnian muslim concentration camps in which Serb prisoners were treated worse than muslim prisoners under Serb control will not be allowed as evidence for the defence.

The beheadings of Serb prisoners by muslims in Bosnia will not be allowed as evidence for Karadzic’s defence.

The EU, UN and USA sanction ethnic cleansing provided it is muslims doing the ethnic cleansing.

It will not be the rule of law presiding over the court that finds Karadzic guilty.

It will be the rule of hypocrisy.










Радован Караџић


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