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Почетна страна Ставови Ana Filimonova: Clear Plans for destroying Serb National Corpus
Ana Filimonova: Clear Plans for destroying Serb National Corpus Штампа Ел. пошта
петак, 02 мај 2014 14:06

April 26 | Srna

BANJALUKA, April 26 /SRNA/ - There are specific US and the EU plans to subjugate and destroy the Serbian national corpus and Republika Srpska, as they do not suit certain interests, the editor-in-chief of the Strategic Culture Foundation of Moscow, Ana Filimonova, said today in Banjaluka.

During a roundtable on “coloured revolutions as a tool of geo-political transformation,” Filimonova said that these plans are aimed at forming a unitary BiH and submerging Republika Srpska.

“This is why it is necessary to reveal such plans and protect the population of Republika Srpska so that they might not suffer the same fate as the people in the Ukraine. Republika Srpska, whose economy is not developed, should seek a partner in the East and increase its cooperation with Russia, because Russia is stretching out a helping hand,” Filimonova told reporters in Banjaluka.

Strengthening the economy, she says, will be the main reason why the populace will not go into streets with leaders, who in fact are not leaders but rather foreign agents whose only interests are those of foreign powers.

“In case a coloured revolution succeeds, these foreign interests will be realised in Republika Srpska, which in no way suits the Serbian people,” Filimonova said.

Stefan Karganovic, the president of the Srebrenica Historical Project NGO, who together with the Strategic Culture Foundation of Moscow organised the scientific gathering in Banjaluka, feels that radical changes to the system are necessary so that the people can live better and feel that they hold their destiny in their own hands.

According to him, such events should not be prevented, events which are positive and which contribute to a wider and deeper democracy and social justice.

“However, anti-democratic processes, which specifically pertain to coloured revolutions, are false popular rebellions guided by professionals and conducted not in the interests of the people but in the interests of foreign factors who are guiding the processes,” Karganovic said.

Sergey Belous, a historian and political analyst from Moscow, said that the Ukrainian scenario is intended for BiH as well, but with the aim of centralising BiH.

He said that a “coloured revolution” is a revolution of elections, intended to prevent election theft.

“The unique colour which characterises the revolution in the Ukraine is red, the colour of blood, because it was conducted that way, not only during the coup d’etat, but even earlier, when incidents occurred every week aimed at stirring the people,” Belous said.

He said that activists and journalists were attacked in the Ukraine since revolution leaders needed a sacrifice from among their own people in order to incite the people.

“This was always accompanied by blood. This may sound as an exaggeration, but it was a unique case in order to incite the people, since the Ukrainian people are rather old, and researches say that a revolution cannot be conducted in a country where the average age is such as in the Ukraine,” Belous said.

He said that the disorders in the FBiH were presented by the Ukrainian media as the best way to deal with the police and as an example of how Ukrainians should act.

Belous claims that many of the people who prepared the Ukrainian scenario are now working in BiH, and that the problem in Republika Srpska is that many believe these forces are not strong enough, which is wrong.

The scientific gathering in Banjaluka saw participation by many experts, including Berlin politicologist Manuel Oksenreiter, politics and international relations professor Srdja Trifkovic, politicologist Mehmedaija Nuhic of Tuzla, the head of the Venezuelan diplomatic mission in Belgrade, Dia Nader de Andari, Belgrade politicologist Aleksandar Pavic, and others.

In addition to critical analyses of the phenomena of the “coloured revolutions," the objective of the organisers was for participants to draw practical conclusions based on their analyses which would be useful for Republika Srpska so that it might take effective measures for the sake of protecting society and the constitutional order.









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