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понедељак, 20 јануар 2020
War crimes: “Vozuca case”, six years later Штампа Email
понедељак, 20 јануар 2020 19:49 Муџахедини у БиХ

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Six years ago, on September 11, 1995, members of the Army of Bosnia-Hercegovina liberated the town of Vozuca in central Bosnia; Hague investigators have for several years been investigating crimes committed by members of the unit “El Mujaheed” against captured Serb soldiers and our journalist for the first time addresses this so far ignored bloody episode of the war in Bosnia-Hercegovina

Mujahedeen decapitated tens of captured Serb soldiers; Video-tapes of this massacre were sold and cut off heads sent to Sarajevo and Iran!?

For more than three years investigators from the Hague have been dealing with the massacre of Serb prisoners of war that took place in the village of Kesten in the Zavidovici municipality; the primary goal of the Army of Bosnia-Hercegovina, because of which Vozuca was attacked, was to secure space for the settlement of 10-15 thousand Bosniak refugees from Srebrenica and Zepa; out of several tens of exhumed bodies of Serbs, most did not have a head; Serbs claim that cut off heads of Serb prisoners of war as well as a video-tape of the execution were sent to Alija Izetbegovic to Sarajevo “as a present”; in early 1999 Semsudin Mehmedovic, at the time the powerful police minister in Zenica-Doboj canton, was concerned about the visits of the Hague investigators to his canton.



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