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Почетна страна
недеља, 05 фебруар 2017
Potential new EU member is jihad's Trojan horse Штампа Email
недеља, 05 фебруар 2017 21:43 Ставови

Clinton-Obama legacy in crosshairs as truth about 'freedom fighters' now revealed

WND | World Net Daily | Published: 3 days ago
By Aleksandar Pavic

Fourteen people were arrested last Friday in raids in the Austrian capital of Vienna and the city of Graz.

Prosecutors said the coordinated action, which involved 800 officers, was part of an ongoing investigation into suspected membership in the terrorist organization ISIS.

Police also reportedly raided unofficial mosques where supporters of ISIS, against which the Trump administration has declared war, may have been meeting.

Among those arrested, at least four were from the Balkan country of Bosnia-Herzegovina, a former federal unit of Yugoslavia. They are suspected of being part of the so-called Bosnian Network, run by a preacher who received a 20-year sentence in July 2016 for recruiting young fighters for ISIS.



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