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петак, 02 мај 2014
Ana Filimonova: Clear Plans for destroying Serb National Corpus Штампа Email
петак, 02 мај 2014 14:06 Ставови

April 26 | Srna

BANJALUKA, April 26 /SRNA/ - There are specific US and the EU plans to subjugate and destroy the Serbian national corpus and Republika Srpska, as they do not suit certain interests, the editor-in-chief of the Strategic Culture Foundation of Moscow, Ana Filimonova, said today in Banjaluka.

During a roundtable on “coloured revolutions as a tool of geo-political transformation,” Filimonova said that these plans are aimed at forming a unitary BiH and submerging Republika Srpska.

“This is why it is necessary to reveal such plans and protect the population of Republika Srpska so that they might not suffer the same fate as the people in the Ukraine. Republika Srpska, whose economy is not developed, should seek a partner in the East and increase its cooperation with Russia, because Russia is stretching out a helping hand,” Filimonova told reporters in Banjaluka.



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