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недеља, 17 фебруар 2013
Edin Garaplija, defence witness of Radovan Karadzic Штампа Email
недеља, 17 фебруар 2013 16:57 Акценти са суђења

THE HAGUE | 07.02.2013.

[Serbian Language]

    Former Bosnian secret service agent Edin Garaplija testified about the ‘shocking’ information he learned in the course of Operation Eagle, as he interrogated Nedzad Herenda, former member of the paramilitary unit called the Larks. In the interrogation, Herenda purportedly admitted that he had personally killed a UN French member in 1995 – ‘so that the UN would blame Serbs for it’, and that the Larks unit was responsible for an attempt on Sefer Halilovic’s life in 1993

Former member of the Bosnian secret police, Edin Garaplija testified under a subpoena at the trial of Radovan Karadzic. Garaplija repeated the publicly known facts about his role in the operation codenamed Eagle. The operation, carried out in 1996, was meant to uncover the secrets of the Larks unit. The operation and indeed the very existence of the Larks unit, which was part the Bosnian State Security Service, was secret and just a small number of persons in the leadership knew about it, Garaplija said. According to the witness, one of them was minister Alija Delimustafic who established the unit.



Радован Караџић


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