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уторак, 17 мај 2011
Interview with Radovan Karadzic: The other side to the Bosnian story Штампа Email
уторак, 17 мај 2011 00:00 Интервјуи

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May 14, 2011

By Marcus Papadopoulos | In a rare and exclusive inter view, the former Bosnian Serb leader Dr Radovan Karadzic spoke to Marcus Papadopoulos from Politics First about the twentieth anniversary of Yugoslavia’s implosion offering his version of events leading up to and during the war in Bosnia.’

Twenty years ago, the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia imploded heralding the start of a succession of civil wars between the patchworks of peoples that made-up the country. The Bosnian conflict, the bloodiest and most brutal of all the Yugoslav civil wars, lasting from 1992-1995, was blamed by Western governments and Western media on the Serbs, who were accused of trying to carve out a “greater Serbia” from the territory of Yugoslavia. Indeed, throughout the duration of the war the Bosnian Serb leadership and the Bosnian Serb people, who constituted a third of the region’s population at the beginning of 1992, having first settled on these lands in the seventh century, were completely derided by Western commentators and, as a result, the Serb version of events was ignored.




Радован Караџић


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