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децембар 2014

субота, 06 децембар 2014

The ICTY Tribunal in Hague: The grenades at Sarajevo Markale market (1994) were shelled by Muslim Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, by order of Alija Izetbegovic Штампа Email
субота, 06 децембар 2014 23:50 Случај „Маркале“

There Must be Justice

Posted on February 17, 2014 by Grey Carter

HAGUE –  During his testimony in defense of Radovan Karadzic,  former Bosnian Muslim policeman stated before the Hague Tribunal that the grenade that murdered 66 and left 140  persons injured at Markale market in Sarajevo, was actually fired by (Muslim) Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina , by order of then – leader Alija Izetbegovic.

Under the coded pseudonym KW -586 , the witness, hidden behind the adjusted voice , stated that he was member of the Bosnian Muslim special unit “Pearls “, (1992-1994) , when he was in charge of  securing the Presidency in period when the Body held sessions at the National Bank building in Sarajevo .

The Witness KW -568 claimed that due to his duty he have had the opportunity to hear what the then – Bosnian Muslim President Alija Izetbegovic, together with his son Bakir  and the head of the Islamic Community of Bosnia and Herzegovina Reis- ul- ulema Mustafa Ceric and other officials spoke at meetings . The witness accused Izetbegovic  for planning terrorist attacks on Bosnian Muslim, in order to cause civilian casualties in Sarajevo,  Markale as well as in Srebrenica in order to accuse Serbs and extort NATO intervention in favor of the Muslims.

” Izetbegovic was under extremely strong influence of local Muslim cleric with strong Turkish ties,  Reis- ul- Ulema Ceric . Izetbegovic’s main goal was to gain the Western intervention in behalf of the Muslims by causing  “mass suffering in Sarajevo and Srebrenica, provoking the Serbs to fire back and shell civilian targets , including hospitals:”



Радован Караџић


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