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Почетна страна Акценти „Сребреница“ Orić - Master of Life and Death in Srebrenica
Orić - Master of Life and Death in Srebrenica Штампа Ел. пошта
Написао SRNA / Večernje novosti   
среда, 01 јул 2015 14:26

BELGRADE, July 1 /SRNA/ - Former commander of Muslim forces in Srebrenica, Naser Oric, was an undisputed master of the town and many who were killing and shamelessly looting both Serbs and Bosniaks under his command, were fully protected by Oric and gained vast fortune by abusing humanitarian aid, daily tabloid newspaper Vecernje Novosti reads.

In today's edition, Vecernje Novosti published the testimony of former Chief of the Police Station in Srebrenica, Hakija Meholjic, who stated that the police were constantly obstructed by the Commander of the 28th Division - Oric, and repeatedly threatened "if someone protected by Oric was in the custody."

"Oric thus protected Ejup Golic in March 1993, a murderer of Huso Husic and Fikret Salkic. He told me that he needed Golic and to note down nothing against him," said Meholjic.

He further stated that Oric took Mithad Salihovic, who murdered Ilinka and Krsto Dimitroski, under his protection. Emir Halilovic, the murderer of Zagorka and Slobodan Zekic and Slavoljub Neskovic, who was killed in the Srebrenica Hospital, escaped the justice, thanks to Oric.

"Oric gathered people prone to all sorts of things. He was leaving only crumbs to them, so he could feed his horse with honey," said Meholjic.

A transcript of the Radio Srebrenica’s show, dated from 1994, which hosted head of the municipal council, Osman Suljic, was found within the witnesses’ statements obtained by Novosti. Hungry Srebrenica people appealed to the Head for tones of flour from humanitarian aid being sold in the market, while the people were starving.

The auditors informed Suljic that Oric's storekeepers, who the people turned to for a help, arrogantly responded "if you have nothing to eat, graze grass" rather than giving them some food.

Dozens of witnesses’ statements read that the fate of many in Srebrenica would have been different if there were not profiteering and illegal trading, or wise-less and courage-less military and civil administration. Particularly distressing was the fact that Oric's protégés had no mercy for the sick or wounded, charging them highly for services.

"They took money, but never transported the wounded ones. I gave 200 Euros to Head of the Srebrenica Hospital, Avdo Hasanovic, to transport me to my house" Evra Hasanovic stated.

Witnesses claim that Hasanovic organised medications and narcotics sale at a price of BAM 100 and 200, which resulted in the death of the wounded people from simple wounds.

"The most needed was penicillin, due to which shortage one of the soldiers from the unit of Fahrudin Alic died because he did not have to pay for medications, while Oric and doctor's people filled the pockets with money," witnesses stated.

The relation between Oric and his fellow citizens in Srebrenica is best illustrated in the book "Planned Chaos" authored by Ibran Mustafic who said that he would sentence Oric to 20 years in prison for the crimes committed against the Serbs, but to 200 years of imprisonment for the crimes committed against his own people, Vecernje Novosti reads. /end/vos








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