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Почетна страна Акценти „Сребреница“ Oric - Systematically planned Crime against Serbs
Oric - Systematically planned Crime against Serbs Штампа Ел. пошта
Написао SRNA/ Večernje novosti   
петак, 03 јул 2015 14:22

Превод на српски језик

BELGRADE, July 2 /SRNA/ - The rise of the Muslim wartime commander in Srebrenica, Naser Oric, began with murdering the Serbs and looting Serb villages around Srebrenica and Bratunac, which was preceded by deliberate and systematic anti-Serb propaganda, monitoring of prominent Serbs in Srebrenica and arming Oric's supporters, reports daily newspapers Vecernje Novosti.

Referring to the documents of the Sarajevo Agency for Investigation and Documentation /AID/, the daily follows Oric from the time when he worked as a bouncer at the restaurant owned by Zeljko Raznatovic Arkan, when he returned to Srebrenica after confrontation with Arkan, to his appointment as a commander of the 28th Division.

Based on the documentation, the daily says that Oric, after he had returned from Belgrade to Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1991, began to spread the theory among his supporters and acquaintances that "something bad is up to Muslims in Bosnia," and that it was prepared by the Yugoslav People’s Army /JNA/ and the Serb Democratic Party, i.e. Serbs.

He called on Bosniaks in Srebrenica “to arm themselves and get ready for defense" for the first time during the spring of the same year, read the AID documents specifying that soon, first rifles were delivered to Srebrenica via Adnan Karovic.

In order to make the job easier for himself and his supporters, Oric managed via Danka Ristanovic, then an administrative assistant in the Srebrenica Police Station, to obtain illegally issued identity cards with false Serb names for him and several of his supporters, Novosti announced.

The daily says that in the days before the first crimes Oric's supporters committed against Serbs, Oric organised an army of couriers who were deployed at the checkpoints around Bratunac and Srebrenica, whose task was to monitor the Serbs.

"The couriers were explicitly ordered to follow the Srebrenica Judge, Goran Zekic, who was also a member of the Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as Miroslav Jokic and Milenko Canic. Soon Goran Zekic was killed on his way back home. Naser labeled him, likewise the entire Serb people, with a notorious stamp - Chetnik. Other Serbs were called Chetnicks too", is noted in the document published by the Belgrade daily newspaper.

The Bosniak’s documents indicate that Zekic was killed when returning from the funeral, from the cemetery above the mosque.

Safet Mujic from Luka, Osman N. from Solucusa and unnamed Bosniak from Osmaci killed Zekic. After Zekic’s murder, a great number of Serbs in Srebrenica began to leave the place, but those who stayed – stayed there forever, reads Novosti indicating that the Hague tribunal failed to charge Oric - even for command responsibility, regardless of all documented crimes and the testimonies of his compatriots. /end/vos










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