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Почетна страна Акценти Муџахедини Kandic arrested on July 4 in Sarajevo
Kandic arrested on July 4 in Sarajevo Штампа Ел. пошта
Написао SRNA   
среда, 01 новембар 2017 19:57

SARAJEVO, November 1 /SRNA/ - BiH Security Minister Dragan Mektic has said that Mirsad Kandic, one of the most wanted Islamic State terrorists, was arrested on July 4 in Sarajevo.

“The Intelligence-Security Agency /OBA/, in cooperation with other security agencies, did a huge job and discovered and arrested a very dangerous terrorist,” Mektic told a press conference.

He has said that the search for Kandic, for whom a red Interpol arrest warrant was issued, lasted for months and that it was officially over yesterday when he was surrendered to the US authorities for his involvement in terrorist activities.

According to Mektic, Kandic was highly ranked in the Islamic State and worked in concrete operations to find, recruit and check on people who join this terrorist organization in order to carry out serious terrorist acts, as well as to provide these people with arms and make car bombs and vests for suicide bomb attacks.

“He was the brain of this terrorist organization,” Mektic has said.

According to him, Kandic assumed more than 10 identities. He last time entered BiH under the assumed identity of Ivan Popovic, and while in BiH, he used the name Edin Radoncic.

The BiH Security Minister has said that BiH intelligence-security services came close to Kandic, but he managed to hide his traces.

“He was located on July 4 here and was arrested by the Anti-Terrorism Unit of the BiH State Investigation and Protection Agency /SIPA/ in an apartment in Grbavica, from which time he was in the extradition jail and a procedure for his extradition to the US was underway,” Mektic has explained.

According to him, the US issued an order to discover Kandic back in 2014, and an Interpol arrest warrant was issued in 2016.

Mektic has said that Kandic stayed in ten or more European countries, including Germany, Great Britain and Turkey.

The BiH Security Minister has said that Kandic enjoyed the support in BiH as well, but refused to elaborate further due to the ongoing investigation into that support and individuals whom the accused relied upon.

Mektic has praised BiH security services, particularly the OBA, for their job, and stressed that a number of intelligence-security agencies from important countries praised the arrest operation.

“This certainly means that the image of BiH abroad will be improved,” Mektic has said, stressing that BiH will continue to fight terrorism and radicalism.









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